Once you know which hunt you would like to experience please follow the Step by Step instructions below to confirm and book this hunt.

Step 1:

Please print, read and then sign the following Contract. Scan & email or print and fax this contract along with your original application form.

Step 2:

Please make an intial deposit payment via one of the following options.
Personal cheque, bank draft, certified cheque, wire transfer, travelers cheques or cash.
All cheques/checks are to be made payable to Finlay River Outfitters Ltd

Step 3:

Please print, read and sign the following Liability Waiver.

Step 4:

Please fax your travel itinerary to FRO as soon as you have booked your flights so we can make the necessary arrangements in advance.

Step 5:

Please complete, sign and forward the non resident hunter application with appropriate funds to FRO to cover licence’s and tags, along with the balance of your hunt. This needs to be received 30 days prior to the start of your adventure. We will then submit all your paperwork and pay all the necessary fees on your behalf.

We cannont accept personal or business cheques/checks for the final payment in Step 5. unless they have been certified or come in the form of a bank draft as there will be insufficient time for it to clear.
if wiring the money please ensure that you do so in advance of your hunt.
Travelers cheques or cash are also accepted.

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