Black Bear Hunts

We hunt black bear in both spring and fall. The best time in the spring is from mid May until the 15th of June. The best time to hunt in the fall is September 1 until October 15th. It is quite common to see as many as 20-30 black bears during a week hunt during the spring therefore the area has a bag limit of two black bears.

In the spring the black bear are quite often found foraging where the can find new green growth. A lot of time is spent glassing mountain slopes that get exposure to sunlight and make the grass grow. If bears find a spot where they like to eat they will quite often frequent the same spot for several days especially in the evening. Bears also mate from late May and into Mid June. The large boars will travel at this time of year in search of mates and for this reason they become more visible.

Fall hunts are the same except instead of the bears looking for green growth they are looking for ripe berries. In some spots the huckleberries grow as large as your thumbnail and the bears return to these spots to gorge themselves and gain as much weight as possible in preparation for winter hibernation.


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