Goat Hunts

As a primary animal we hunt goats in September and early October. In later October the weather can become very difficult and the steep slopes the goats inhabit can become snow covered and extremely dangerous.

We offer two different types of goat hunts. We have a horse back hunt that we use horses to get to goat hunting areas. We also have back pack hunts where the goat hunting areas are accessed on foot.

The horse back hunt gets us to remote areas that are very hard to access on foot because of difficult terrain to traverse including rivers to cross. The horses allow us to get into these areas and also give us the flexability to change hunting areas should it become necessary.

The back pack hunt we employ to hunt areas and stay up on the mountain without having to come down and care for the horses. Whichever way we decide to hunt goat hunting is a very physical pursuit and all hunters should be in very good condition.

We try extremely hard to harvest only mature Billys. Most goats we harvest are over 9 inches, our largest being a Billy that scores 53 1/2”.

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