Wolf Hunts

Wolves are usually a very difficult animal to hunt. They are a very wary illusive animal and if they present an opportunity it usually doesn’t last long. Most wolves that are harvested are taken when an opportunity presents itself while pursuing other game animals. However, winter does offer a great chance to hunt wolves.

Because our base camp is also our residence and we are present throughout the year we have a unique opportunity to hunt wolves. We have about 80 to 90 miles of  Williston Lake which is the largest lake in British Columbia in our area. When the lake freezes the ice provides an easy travel corridor for the wolves. During the winter we can maintain several different bait sites along the ice that the wolves will frequent. Although it is an isolated area we can access the ice from two of our camps that are alongside the lake with snowmobiles which gives us the mobility we need to successfully hunt the wolves. There are also other species that can be hunted at different times throughout the winter such as lynx and wolverine.

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