Border Crossings

Any non-Canadian who possesses a criminal record will not be allowed into Canada. A Temporary Resident Permit must be completed to prevent being detained at any port of entry. Even a DUI conviction will prevent passage into Canada.

Find out how you can obtain the proper documents to come into Canada hassle-free.


Getting Your Firearms Into Canada

Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Forms are available for download. Please have three copies of the filled-out form and give it to the customs officer when you reach Canada. It should be signed in front of the Customs Officer.

The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read the PDF version of this form. Download it here.


Assumption of Risk & Release From Liability Agreement

Please read, sign and return this form by fax, email or mail to acknowledge
that you have read and understood the risks entailed.


USDA Veterinary Services Special Permit for the Importation of Hunter Harvested Wild Ruminant Meat

Please click here to open this form.


Hunter Harvested Ruminant Meat from Canada Regulations

Please click here to open the guidelines.
This Guideline outlines procedures for the importation of the following:

  • Whole dressed carcasses from hunter harvested wild ruminants for personal use.
  • Meat, with or without bone, and sausage from hunter harvested ruminants for personal use.
  • Finished and Unfinished trophies for personal use.

Equipment Check Lists

Hunting Document Check List

Fishing Document Check List

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